HOT NEW AFRO Entertainment

Hot New Afro is a multifaceted enterprise specializing in talent empowerment, content dissemination, and strategic entertainment marketing.

In its nascent stages, Hot New Afro emerged as a brainchild of its co-founders and parent company Pauly & Mark in January 2017. Originally conceived as a creative nucleus, its primary objective was to facilitate the development of independent artists in Abuja. This encompassed a spectrum of services, including content creation, access to grant opportunities, label-related support, equipment leasing, networking opportunities, and the organization of live events. Concurrently, we harnessed the potential of our website and social media platforms to disseminate artist content and digital assets.

In light of the burgeoning Afrobeats genre, the exponential growth of the African music industry, the advent of Web 3 technology, and the widespread proliferation of the internet, a profound market opportunity materialized for platform expansion. Consequently, Hot New Afro officially underwent registration in 2022, positioning itself to competitively assert its presence within the entertainment and Web 3 sectors.

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